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At OPaL Pools, we take pride in offering top-tier vinyl liner pool kits featuring high-quality Latham or Megna 12-gauge steel walls. Our Canadian-made steel ensures durability and longevity, providing a solid foundation for your dream pool..

Discover the epitome of luxury and sophistication with our range of Latham Fiberglass Pools. Crafted to exude class, our pools boast stunning gel coat finishes that shimmer and sparkle under the sunlight, enhancing your pool experience day and night...

At OPaL Pools, we understand the importance of maintaining and refreshing your pool's appearance. With years of experience in pool renovation and liner replacements, we offer specialized services to breathe new life into your existing pool...

For pools that demand more than a surface-level fix, OPaL Pools provides a spectrum of renovation services, breathing new life into your cherished aquatic haven. Our specialization lies in transforming tired, outdated pools into breathtaking,...

Crafting the perfect pool begins with a vision. At OPaL Pools, our commitment is to bring that vision to life through our comprehensive design services, guided by professional expertise and innovative technology.

Ontario Pools and Landscape offers property managers and homeowners peace of mind with its professional pool leak detection and repair services in the Mid-Atlantic region. Without timely repairs, a leaking swimming pool can lead to higher water bills,..

We’re committed to revitalizing your pool and enhancing your swimming experience. Our comprehensive range of services includes top-notch equipment upgrades, advanced automation systems,...

At OPal Pools (Ontario Pools and Landscape), we specialize in creating a collaborative pool construction experience, tailored for those who want to actively engage in the process of building their own pool.



Our goal is to ensure your swimming pool experience is worry-free. Let us take the stress out of pool ownership with our complete, weekly swimming pool maintenance service, which includes:

Seasonal Pool Maintenance

Like clockwork, our highly-trained maintenance specialists will be on your property weekly to vacuum and brush your pool, adjust water chemistry and check all equipment. We will quote you one flat price for your seasonal, complete swimming pool service with all chemicals included, start to finish with all considerations.

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