Welcome to OPaL Pools - Your Assisted DIY Pool Experts

At OPal Pools (Ontario Pools and Landscape), we specialize in creating a collaborative pool construction experience, tailored for those who want to actively engage in the process of building their own pool.

Custom Crafted Programs

Our approach revolves around custom-crafted programs that empower clients to play a hands-on role in constructing their dream pools

Seamless Pool Delivery and Placement

We offer top-quality fiberglass pools delivered to your location. On delivery day, our seasoned crew of three experts assists with expertly placing the pool. While we take charge of the initial base placement using 3 inches of client-provided HPB bedding, you prepare the designated area by digging to pool specifications and ensuring the necessary base materials are ready.

Comprehensive Additional Services

OPal. Pools goes beyond pool placement. We provide an array of supplementary services to ensure your pool construction is complete and hassle-free. From underwater light installations to jet and skimmer setups, plumbing work, and more, we have you covered.

Why Choose OPal Pools?

Our philosophy combines professional expertise with client involvement. By partnering with us, you get to actively participate in bringing your pool vision to life while benefitting from our specialized assistance and comprehensive services.
Explore the possibilities with OPal. Pools and embark on your journey towards the perfect DIY pool experience today.