Fiberglass Pool

Experience Elegance with Latham Fiberglass Pools

Discover the epitome of luxury and sophistication with our range of Latham Fiberglass Pools. Crafted to exude class, our pools boast stunning gel coat finishes that shimmer and sparkle under the sunlight, enhancing your pool experience day and night. When paired with LED underwater lights, these pools emit an iridescent glow that elevates your backyard oasis to a whole new level.

Advantages of Latham Fiberglass Pools

Luxurious Finish

The high-quality gel coat finish of our fiberglass pools sets them apart, offering an exquisite look that adds a touch of luxury to any landscape.

Efficiency in Installation

: Fiberglass pools typically involve faster installation with minimal disturbance to your property compared to other pool types, ensuring a quicker turnaround time for enjoying your new pool.

Lifetime Warranties

Our fiberglass pools come with lifetime warranties, reflecting their durability and quality construction, standing the test of time and providing customers with peace
of mind.

Local Manufacturing

Our pools now originate from a Canadian plant in Kingston, Ontario, significantly reducing ordering turnaround times and enhancing accessibility for our customers.

Maintenance Advantage

Fiberglass pools eliminate the need for liners, reducing maintenance concerns associated with liner replacement in other
pool types.

Built-In Features

Our fiberglass pools come with built-in steps and underwater seating, offering a customized feel without compromising on the sleek design.

Comparison with Vinyl Liner Pools

Luxury and Finish

Fiberglass pools stand out with their high-class finish, showcasing beautiful gel coat finishes that exude elegance compared to vinyl liners.

Installation and Disturbance

Fiberglass pools typically have faster installation times with minimal disruption, providing a quicker setup compared to the construction of vinyl liner pools.

Warranties and Longevity

With lifetime warranties and a proven track record of durability, fiberglass pools offer a long-lasting solution that might outweigh the potential cost savings of vinyl liner pools over time.

Manufacturing Advantages

Our Canadian manufacturing plant ensures quicker order fulfillment and reduces wait times for customers compared to traditional fiberglass pool manufacturing.

Maintenance and Customization

Fiberglass pools eliminate concerns about liner replacement and offer built-in features for a more customized pool experience.

Choose elegance, durability, and a hassle-free pool experience with Latham Fiberglass Pools by OPaL!